General Terms and Conditions of the private company Content Junkies B.V., established in Waarder and registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 69490570.

1. Definitions

1.1 The following terms are used in these General Terms and Conditions: Content Junkies: the private company Content Junkies BV, regardless of whether the name is traded Content Junkies BV or another trade name. Principal: one or more third parties with whom Content Junkies has entered into one or more (partial) agreements and for whom Content Junkies performs Service (s). General Terms and Conditions: these General Terms and Conditions that apply to all legal acts of Content Junkies or any act of Content Junkies that results in an obligation with (a) third party / parties. Service: any work consisting of one or more components – regardless of which (immaterial) nature then also – that Content Junkies performs on behalf of and for the benefit of (one) Client (s) and / or any delivery of one or more items. Quotation: the offer of Content Junkies to the Client in which offer in any case (summarily) the Service to be provided and the price is fixed. Agreement: the Agreement concluded between Content Junkies and the Client pursuant to which Content Junkies performs the Service.

2 Toepa sibility of the General Terms and Conditions

2.1 The General Terms and Conditions apply to all legal acts of Content Junkies and / or any act of Content Junkies which is an obligation with (a) third party (s) ) has resulted in.2.2 General Terms and Conditions of a Client are expressly rejected.2.3 Content Junkies does not accept a general (written) reference to General Terms and Conditions of a Client

3. Conclusion of the Agreement
3.1 Offers are made in writing (and / or by e-mail) and are entirely without obligation and valid until 30 days after shipment.
3.2 An Agreement is concluded at the time of receipt by Content Junkies of the Offer sent by the Client to Content Junkies by post or e-mail and the Offer signed by the Client.3.3 An Agreement between the Client and Content Junkies is in any case, in the absence of a signed Offer, established at the moment that Content Junkies commences work on the Service, for the benefit of the Client.3.4 If Content Junkies performs the Service commences, without – for whatever reason – a written Quotation has been returned by the Client, the Client is deemed to have agreed to the Quotation.

4. Execution of the Agreement
4.1 Content Junkies performs the work for the Service with care and in compliance with the usual standards that apply in the field of Content Junkies. The Contractor is aware that dissatisfaction with aesthetic components of the Service will never lead to attributable failures on the part of Content Junkies. If and insofar as the Client advocates changes to the Service, after the parties have reached agreement on the (manner of) implementation of the Agreement, such changes will count as additional work. In that case, Content Junkies is entitled to charge the current price for that additional work, all this in addition to the already agreed price for the Service. In the event that changes result in less work, the agreed price will continue to apply.4.2 Content Junkies is (partly) dependent on the data and information provided by the Client for the performance of the Service. Content Junkies cannot provide the Service if this data and information provision is not timely and / or not complete. Content Junkies never falls short of the Client if the late and / or incorrect delivery of data and / or information by the Client leads to (a) defect (s) in the provision of the Service (s). If the Client, after express notice of default by Content Junkies from the Client – whereby a reasonable period of time for delivery and / or information is awarded – remains in default with its delivery and information obligation, Content Junkies is entitled to terminate the agreement and the Client is obliged to terminate the agreement. consequently to pay damages suffered by Content Junkies.4.3 Content Junkies is entitled to engage a third party or parties for the performance of the Service, without the consent of the Client being required for this.4.4 If Content Junkies is required for this of the Service must be delivered to the Client or to third parties by post, courier or otherwise, this transmission is for the account and risk of the Client.