Addicted to creating

Content Junkies is a media company that stands for quality content with a competitive price tag. The permanent team is composed of the online, marketing and TV world. We make videos, TV programs and commercials, we can also support content with socials and websites.

We like to think along with the customers about the story to be told and how we can best shape it. All content stands or falls on how the story is told, so we are happy to pay a lot of attention to it.

In addition, we can advise on how the content can best be used to achieve the desired return. Since we are “addicted to content”, we are open to all jobs: small and large.

Our clients

We Do The Impossible. Unthinkable.

Addicted To Equipment

Sony FE PZ 28-135mm f/4 OSS
Super35 type Single-chip Exmor CMOS
180 FPS Slow motion
4K Ultra HD
Sony PXW-FS7
Procam Camcat Dolly Slider
Ultra Stable Images
Length 3 meters
Datavideo TP-600 teleprompter
Mobile Setup
Fast operation via iPad
DJI Specialised Gimbal Drive Motors
DJI Ronin
Max Speed 68,4km/h
1/2,3 CMOS Sensor
4K Ultra HD
DJI Mavic Air
Radius of 1,2 Meter
Video Camera Jib
Large Dynamic Range
4x XLR
Zoom F4 Multitrack Field Recorder